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  1. Cormack, Joseph M., "Renvoi, Characterization, Localization and Preliminary Question in the Conflict of Laws: A Study of Problems Involved in Determining Whether or Not the Forum Should Follow Its Own Choice of a Conflict-of-Laws Principle" (). Reply
  2. Un renvoi au site Internet pertinent suffit.: A reference to the relevant website should be sufficient.: La modification publiée remplace l'incorporation par renvoi du texte étranger.: The publication of the amendment will replace the foreign text adopted by reference.: La formation de renvoi des Chambres restera constituée.: The referral bench of the Chambers will continue to be constituted. Reply
  3. as those pertaining to the renvoi (French: “send back”) principle. If the foreign law, to which the forum’s conflicts rule refers, contains a conflicts rule that refers back to the law of the forum, will the latter accept the reference and apply its own law? Similarly, if the foreign law. Reply
  4. The Doctrine of Renvoi is one of the significant and fundamental subjects of Private International Law or Conflict of Laws. Again, the Court sees that the issue will be chosen as per the law of another nation, it is when regulation of renvoi assumes its job in taking care of the issue. Reply
  5. Renvoi is a French term which is commonly used in conflict of laws. It refers to the application of rules of one state by the court or tribunal of another state, in order to solve a conflict of laws problem. Reply
  6. Renvoi definition: the referring of a dispute or other legal question to a jurisdiction other than that in | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples. Reply
  7. renvoi: The process by which a court adopts the rules of a foreign jurisdiction with respect to any conflict of laws that arises. In some instances, the rules of the foreign state might refer the court back to the law of the forum where the case is being heard. The term renvoi also refers to the rules that, in a lawsuit by a nonresident upon a. Reply
  8. Sep 28,  · renvoi (countable and uncountable, plural renvois) (law) A situation in which a court, tasked with deciding which state's law should apply to a case, decides to apply the law of the forum, based on the determination that a court from another involved state would also apply the law of the forum. Reply

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